AquaTech Eco Consultants

Beau Williams (owner)

One of the first full time Seagrass Recovery and Restoration experts in the field. With over 20 years of experience and 150 successful seagrass and habitat restoration completed.

kiel johnson (Biologist)

Kiel has been working with marine life and seagrass since graduating from college. Kiel has over 20 successful projects under his dive belt. Kiel oversaw the biological aspect of the largest seagrass project completed in Texas on the the Port of Corpus Christi La Quinta project for AquaTech Eco Consultants.


Providing successful results with a cost effective approach


  • 24' Carolina Skiff (Trailer, T-Top, 135hp Honda 4-Stroke, 8' Power Pole Pro)
  • 25' Sea Hunt (Twin 200hp Yamaha 4-strokes)

miscellaneous Equipment:

  • 16' double axle enclosed cargo trailer.
  • 6 4'x8'x24" floating work platforms. 
  • dive tanks,hookah hose and regulators, DJI Phantom 2+ Vision Drone.
  • 3 high pressure water pumps with 2000' of high pressure hose and special hydroblasting nozzels

David "Bubba" Lax (AquaTech)

When he started out Bubba didn't quite know what to think... Every word was like Greek to him. But with a lot of training and hard work on his part, Bubba is not only one of our best Contractors, he is now able to speak about the Greek things with confidence  

About our Company

AquaTech Eco Consultants was founded in 2014 by Beau Williams after leaving a very successful seagrass restoration career with Seagrass Recovery, Inc.  Prior to founding AquaTech Eco Consultants Beau Williams was with Seagrass Recovery, Inc. for 15 years, serving many roles ranging from project development, project management, and Director of Sales and Operations.  During his time at Seagrass Recovery Mr Williams was involved in the first research and development of several innovative seagrass restoration techniques

  • Award winning project design
  • Over 200 projects completed
  • Diverse project personnel
  • Agency relationships
  • Cost effective
  • Proven success
  • 20+ years in the industry
  • Projects completed within budget
  • Local contractors when available
  • Experience in industry
  • Aquaculture experience

Our Staff

Since 1999, AquaTech Eco Consultants staff have successfully transplanted, repaired and grown several species of seagrasses.  The staff has completed more than 150 seagrass projects along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the United States along with the Caribbean. Much of the restoration projects typically achieve measurable results within 12-18 months.  Techniques utilized by AquaTech Eco Consultants have been scientifically peer-reviewed and approved by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as well as by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.