Ulele Spring

Ulele Spring is located on a property owned by a private business who contracted AquaTech Eco Consultants through Ecosphere to restore two basins of the Ulele Spring with SAV. The lower basin of the spring is connected to the Hills-borough River, resulting in a slightly saline envi-ronment. AquaTech installed 600 H. wrightii PU’s and 200 […]

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Rock Ponds SWIM SAV Introduction

Rock Ponds, a SWIM project located in Ruskin, FL, is a large ecosystem restoration project completed by SWFWMD containing 398 acres of estuarine and freshwater habitat. Two sites within this area were planted with a total of two acres (9,600 PU) of Halodule wrightii. Planting units installed were bare-root units of H. wrightii. This planting

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City of Cape Coral SAV Introduction

The City of Cape Coral contracted AquaTech Eco Consultants under the Ecosphere Restoration Institute Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) Statewide Restoration and Aquaculture Program (LPA0282) to introduce SAV at two sites with the goal of the creation of valuable SAV/seagrass habitat. Two separate sites, Yellow Fever Creek and Crystal Lake, were planted each with one acre

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