City of Cape Coral SAV Introduction

The City of Cape Coral contracted AquaTech Eco Consultants under the Ecosphere Restoration Institute Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) Statewide Restoration and Aquaculture Program (LPA0282) to introduce SAV at two sites with the goal of the creation of valuable SAV/seagrass habitat. Two separate sites, Yellow Fever Creek and Crystal Lake, were planted each with one acre of SAV. Yellow Fever Creek restoration efforts took place within the stormwater pond, where 2,400 PU of V. americana and 2,400 PU of P. illinoensis were deployed. Crystal Lake restoration efforts were spread across three separate regions within the lake. 4,800 modified staple unit PU of R. maritima were successfully installed at Crystal Lake across three regions, with a combined total area of one acre planted at this restoration site.

Project Location:\\\"\\\"
Cape Coral, FL
Crystal Lake; Yellow Fever Creek

Company/Agency Contracting:
Ecosphere Restoration Institute
City of Cape Coral

Project Completion Date:
May 2023

Services Provided
• Restoration site selection for optimum chance of success
• Installation of 2,400 PU of V. americana, 2,400 P. illinoensis, and 4,800 R. maritima