FLDEP PSR6 Prop Scar Restoration Area

A 25acre area within St Joseph Bay with a high concentra-tion of prop scars was previously identified by FLDEP as being in need of restoration efforts. Prop scar restoration efforts carried out by FLDEP were not successful. AquaTech along with Ecosphere collaborated with FLDEP and identified two, one-acre regions within PSR 6 that had been recorded to have the most prop scar damage. Instead of concentrated prop scar repair, as previously attempted, AquaTech conducted a full-area restoration effort, installing two acres (9,600 PU) worth of Thalassia testudinum throughout the two-acre area as well as one acre (4,800 PU) of densely planted units in a smaller region delineat-ed around where the prop scars were present in the highest concentration.

Project Location:\\\"\\\"
Port Saint Joe, FL
St Joseph Bay

Company/Agency Contracting:
Ecosphere Restoration Institute; FLDEP

Project Completion Date:
June 2023

Services Provided
• Restoration site selection and area configuration for optimum chance of success
• Installation of 14,400 PU of Thalassia testudinum