Rock Ponds SWIM SAV Introduction

Rock Ponds, a SWIM project located in Ruskin, FL, is a large ecosystem restoration project completed by SWFWMD containing 398 acres of estuarine and freshwater habitat. Two sites within this area were planted with a total of two acres (9,600 PU) of Halodule wrightii. Planting units installed were bare-root units of H. wrightii. This planting effort was the first introduction of SAV species in these man-made ecosystems. The goal of this project was to introduce native SAV species into an ecosystem with suitable conditions that would allow for establishment and the creation of valuable seagrass habitat. The success of this restoration effort is being monitored by scientists with the University of South Florida.

Project Location:\\\"\\\"
Rock Ponds SWIM Project
Ruskin, FL

Company/Agency Contracting:
Ecosphere Restoration Institute

Project Completion Date:
April 2023

Services Provided
• Restoration site selection for optimum chance of success
• Installation of 9,600 PU of Halodule wrightii